The story of Ribbingstorps Stuteri

Ever since the year 1962, when Sven Eliasson and his family moved into Ribbingstorp’s farm just outside Vara, horse breeding and training activities of trotting horses have been conducted here. The interest in trotting has its roots since 1956 when Sven sat on the board of Axevalla trotting track outside Skara. In connection with the move to Ribbingstorp, the farm’s first trotting horse named Benboe Söndergaard was bought by Sven. The mare got 19 foals i.a. Benti Ribb, who was responsible for the stud’s first major competition success when she won the Stock Championship in 1971. This win was the start of the stud, which has left several successful trotting horses over the years.

In 1966, the horse Victory Flight was bought as a 3-year-old who was trained largely by his son Ulf Eliasson. Victory Flight is the first of the stud’s foals to receive the title Elitsto, with a number of successful offspring. All horses that are bred on Ribbingstorp have the additional name Ribb, among other things. to market Ribbingstorp’s stud farm when the horses compete and are at various training facilities around Sweden and Europe. The farm’s second nominated elite mare named Countess Ribb left a number of successful competition horses such as Jet Ribb and Grace Ribb.

In 1972, the training activities were expanded when a training track was built and the expansion of stables was carried out on the farm. The training was mainly conducted by Sven himself, with the help of his friend and co-worker Ragnar Andersson and his then 16-year-old son Ulf. The work with trotting training and breeding continued until 1982 when the generational change took place and Ulf took over the business from both agriculture and trotting.

Today, only trotting horses are bred after the training activities ceased in 1997. Since the start in 1962 until today, about 350 horses have been bred, and these together have a statistic of about 1500 victories. Our breedings have won in e.g. Derby, Nordic Championships, Sto-SM, Åby Stora Pris, Olympiatravet, Oaks, Stochampionatet, Walter Lundbergs Memorial 2 times, Jarlsbergs Grand Prix, Derbyhoppet and several V75 finals.